Juvé & Camps presents a tour of the best vintages of Milesimé, a single champagne chardonnay 100% chardonnay from the vineyards of Espiells in Sant Sadurní d’Anoia, which is only made in the most exceptional vintages. The maximum expression and an authentic sample of the singularity of this foreign variety.

Juvé & Camps offers the opportunity to enjoy old vintages from one of its most representative cava, which will allow to appreciate the differences of the Milesimee according to the climatology of each year and aging time. The wine or the cava are in their diverse crops a way to bottle the time, and tasting these cavas will be able to travel through the climate, the landscape and the viticulture of the Penedès throughout different years.

Milesimé is endowed with a beautiful golden color that is added to the multiple rosaries that form fine ascending bubbles. Complex, elegant and intense in aromas, evoking notes of fleshy fruits, such as peach, and other dairy souvenirs. As these essences evolve, it gains intensity and complexity, distinguishing honey, grapefruit or toast. Exuberant, with an intense and friendly effervescence, that fills the mouth with a magnificent creaminess. A persistent and aromatic cava, which highlights its potential and freshness in each sip.