A centuries-long history, with strong ties to the land, the Penedès. Four generations of a family devoted, body and soul, to winemaking, dedicated to creating premium cava.

It all began around 200 years ago when Joan Juvé Mir, a curious, meticulous, forward-thinking winemaker, laid the groundwork for the company. Later, his son Antoni Juvé Escaiola took over the vineyards, successfully tackling the horrible scourge of phylloxera.
Joan Juvé Baqués, son of Antoni Juvé Escaiola and husband of Teresa Camps Ferrer, set up the underground facilities in the family home (casa pairal) in Sant Sadurní d’Anoia to make the first sparkling wine under the Juvé brand name.
Josep and Joan Juvé Camps, sons of Joan and Teresa, joined the management team of the family business, giving it a significant push by building a new winery outside of Sant Sadurní d’Anoia.
Under the brothers Josep and Joan Juvé Camps, the winery and underground caves were expanded and important technical advances in making top-quality cava were introduced, including temperature control and the pneumatic winepress.
The first bottle of Gran Juvé Camps, an extraordinary Gran Reserva Brut Nature cava made with grapes from the vineyards in Espiells only when the harvest is exceptional, marks a milestone in the winery’s development.
The founders’ grandchildren bring new vitality to the winery. Plus, under President Joan Juvé Camps, both the company’s winemaking heritage and reputation on the global market soar.
Reserva de la Familia is born, a Gran Reserva Brut Nature cava initially meant only for the Juvé family that quickly became the most emblematic of the winery.
Juvé & Camps expands globally. The brand’s cava became available in the top consumer markets: United Kingdom, United States, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Portugal, Russia, Japan, Peru, etc.
Construction began on a new winery at the vineyards on the family estate in Espiells, for making cuvees for cava and ageing still wines.
First sale of the unique cava Milesimé, the first Chardonnay monovarietal, which is only made in the best years. It soon became a prestige cava, one of the most highly rated by wine critics and a consumer favourite.
During this decade, the family-run winery consolidated its position as a leading producer of Premium and Gran Reserva cava.
The vineyards begin the process of moving towards integrated and organic winemaking. This yields better quality grapes, with greater winemaking potential and the maximum expression of the various soils where they are grown.
Launch of Blanc de Noirs, a select Pinot Noir monovarietal, in line with the Juvé & Camps philosophy of making cava for the international market, with exports growing to reach more than 50 countries on five continents.
First 100% organic harvest
Juvé & Camps launches a new line of organic wines led by Ermita Espiells, as a result of the first organic harvest that took place in the late summer of 2015, after three years of conversion of vineyards.
Capella, the first Cava de Paraje Calificado by Juvé & Camps
La Siberia, a Pinot Noir gem by Juvé & Camps


Harmony of land, light, water. Mediterranean air on the vines. Respect for nature. Environmental balance, biodiversity and meticulous winemaking. The 271 hectares of carefully cultivated vineyards owned by Juvé & Camps are located in the most suited areas to each variety of grape, ensuing the best quality cava and wine. Pure expression of the terroir.


— Propietat d'Espiells

This is the largest of the estates, with 200 hectares of vineyards in what is recognised as the best winemaking zone in the Alt Penedès, on the slopes of Montserrat, a mountain that emerged from the sea millions of years ago and presides over the country, protecting it from the cold north winds. Old vines, full of history -Espiells is the name of a small Romanesque chapel dating back to the 9th century- planted in well-drained clay and limestone soil at an altitude of between 180 and 245 metres. In this estate is located the emblematic vineyard of La Capella, where our Cava de Paraje Calificado comes from.

Perfect land for growing the traditional macabeu and xarel·lo varieties, and to which the chardonnay and pinot noir have adapted perfectly.


— Mediona

A series of vineyards, the latest to be acquired by the family. Their location on the steep mountainside at 500 to 750 metres above sea level gives a continental touch to the Mediterranean climate. There is a big difference between the daytime and nighttime temperatures, which is essential for quality winemaking. The different vineyards are called Can Massana, Alzinetes, El Prat, Mas Pagès and Can Soler, where the vines, some very old, planted in rocky soil, yield the local parellada variety of grapes with notable refinement and balance.


— La Cuscona

A small, strong vineyard with 17 hectares of flat land to the south of Sant Sadurní d’Anoia. Its deep limestone soil enriches the estates as a whole with their diverse microclimates. Artisan growing and limited production to produce Macabeu grapes of extraordinary quality, great aromatic richness, nuanced and balanced in structure. The grapes from this estate are essential for making premium cava.

The Espiells Winery

The grapes’ secret is revealed in the winery, where nature becomes liquid and juice becomes wine. Our facilities in Espiells, a milestone in the family’s winemaking history and an emblem of progress in the Penedès region.


An impressive architectural complex surrounded by vineyards, in the style of a château in Bordeaux. Here wines are made with meticulous attention to technique and oenology that is not common. Because only by evolving can we stay true to tradition. Restrained, elegant, respectful of its surrounding landscapes and welcoming, the Espiells winery, located 5 kilometres northeast of Sant Sadurní d’Anoia, combines functionality and beauty. Wide open spaces, perfectly fitted out and equipped for receiving and sorting the grapes, as well as destemming, pressing and fermenting the resulting liquid in large storehouses with temperature-controlled tanks. All devised and designed for optimal winemaking of the cuvees for cava, as well as Propietat d’Espiells wines.

The caves at Sant Sadurní d'Anoia

In the darkness of the caves dug out of the land, long, shadowy and silent, away from currents of air, the miracle of the second fermentation in the bottle takes place, according to the traditional method (champenoise).

Sant Sadurní d’Anoia

The bubbles are born, the song of time, with gentle ageing on racks for up to 9 years. The artisanal work of Juvé & Camps, generation after generation, transforms their excellent grapes and cuvees into top-quality cava with finesse and elegance. The caves in Sant Sadurní d’Anoia are below the two adjoining buildings. The underground galleries built by the Juvé & Camps family since 1921 now make up six levels of subterranean tunnels. With a stable temperature between 12º C and 18º C, depending on the time of year and the depth of the cave, the bottles mature slowly on pupitres and racks until it is time for them to be disgorged. All of the work in the Juvé & Camps underground caves, meticulous and patient, is done according to traditional, artisanal guidelines, including manual riddling of the bottles. The goal: to give the cava the subtle, complex bouquet that, along with its creaminess, freshness and elegance, is what our sparkling wine is known for.

The human factor

Meticulousness and demanding dedication are the founding principles of Juvé & Camps. They inspire our work as a coordinated, highly qualified team with great winemaking skills.

Their lasting ties with the winery make them, on their own merit, part of the family. With them lies the responsibility for giving Juvé & Camps cava the exquisiteness and refined elegance they are known for. Their arguments: painstaking care of the vineyards, meticulous selection of the grapes and technical perfection in the winemaking process to obtain premium organic cavas, the maximum quality is the hallmark of the company.

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