The harvest is one of the most awaited moments in Juvé & Camps. That is why when collecting the fruits of the work of the whole year we can not miss the opportunity to enjoy this stage with you. The manual collection is a practice that has been maintained since the beginning of the winery. In the hands of the grape growers, the most delicate task is deposited, since a great part of the quality of the future wine depends on it.

Through the project promoted by the Institut del Cava, next Saturday, September 16, you will be part of this unique moment touring the vineyards on electric bicycle celebrating “La Verema de Cava” with us. At first hand you will be able to know the different processes of elaboration that guarantee the maximum quality all our elaborated ones. Along the way, you can also enjoy a good breakfast and a tasting of our wines and cavas.

Price: Adults 30 € (electric bicycle); Children € 16 (conventional bicycle)

Join or 93 891 10 00 – Limited places