Quality Assurance and Environmental Policy

At J&C Prime Brands we strive for continued excellence, not only in the production of our cavas and wines, but across all stages of the distribution process.

Our mission is to consolidate a winery group that oversees every aspect of our wine production, from the vineyard to the bottle, as well as distributing fine wine brands. We want to be benchmark, both domestically and internationally.

We see terroir and excellence as the unifying force of a group where the client always comes first. This is what drives and defines us. At the same time, we consistently pursue the highest level of quality, not only in the products we make, but in the way we work.

This is something we share with all of our collaborators, from those who sustain the process and products from the moment the grapes are picked to the distributors and clients who represent us to consumers.

Our family company values are deeply ingrained in J&C Prime Brands, and we believe in and foster talent, training, rigour, and high personal standards and goals. We also encourage every member of our team to develop a deep vinicultural understanding.

Every grape used in the making of our cavas and wines originates in our own vineyards or those of winegrowers who collaborate closely with J&C Prime Brands.

All our cavas and wines are made according to traditional methods that define their spirit, while relying on technologies that add new value to the product. We implement old and new with the same degree of seriousness and professionalism to offer our clients the quality they have come to expect, vintage after vintage.

This commitment is further reinforced by our compliance with all legal requirements (EU directives and regulations; laws, ordinances, and royal decrees published in Spains official state bulletin; D.O. Cava regulations; D.O. Penedès regulations; D.O. Ribera del Duero regulations) and our

implementation of information related to the winemaking process (OIVs International Code of Oenological Practices) to ensure that our products comply with current legislation.

Protecting the environment is clearly a concern for an activity this closely connected to the earth. Therefore, at Juvé y Camps and Propietat dEspiells, we optimise our resource usage and prevent contamination of any kind in the production of our cavas and wines.

We believe in consistently improving the way we make wine and do business, putting us on a path toward more organic and sustainable winegrowing and winemaking, and allowing us to meet the needs of all interested parties.

The passion with which we work the vineyards and make our products also extends to how we care for and store wine, both our own and the brands we select for distribution. We apply strict temperature and humidity controls, as well as conducting regular maintenance on our facilities to ensure the perfect conditions for the preservation of these oenological gems.

Every client of the companies that make up the J&C Prime Brands group must be satisfied with the service they receive friendly and professional attention from an exclusive commercial network which ensures that the client’s expectations are met quickly and with care.

We must look beyond the present, focusing our attention on research and new ideas for improvement. This is the reason why we are participating in several RDI projects and encourage our teams continued professional development.

This quality assurance and environmental policy applies to all of us, to everyone who is proud to be a part of the great J&C Prime Brands family.

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