Quality politics

ISO Standards

Juvé & Camps is committed to managing the company with the brand that has distinguished us from the beginning, to ensure that our customers throughout the world continue to consider us the best brand of cava and one of the leading companies in wine white and red wine with DO Penedès.

Each step we move forward should allow us to enhance the prestige gained day after day in the segment of high quality and high price. Still waiting to take another step, provided that on the other side of the road there is a demand demanded without aggression. And in this way we are accompanied by all our collaborators, guarding the process and the product from the beginning, the Grape picking, to distributors, our face to the consumer.

Each grape of grapes that we use in the elaboration of the base wine has been cultivated in our lands or those of the peasants who work closely with Juvé & Camps. And it has been elaborated following the traditional methods that give the cava and the wine of its spirit, relying on those new technologies that add new values ​​to our product, always with the utmost seriousness and professionalism, in order to offer our clients , added after a vintage, a product of the quality that they expect. This commitment will be reinforced with the need to comply with all those legal requirements (Directives and Regulations of the EC; Laws, Orders and Royal Decrees of the BOE; Regulation of the O. Cava; Regulation of the O. Penedès) and to use all the information involved in the processes (Code International of Oenological Practices of the OIV; International Oenological Codex of the OIV) so that our products are adapted to the current legislation. On the other hand, an activity so tied to the earth can not be alien to the environment.

Therefore, in Juvé & Camps we make our products optimizing the use of resources and preventing pollution in all its forms, betting on the continuous improvement of processes in the path of a viticulture and ecological and sustainable ecology. Every client of Juvé & Camps must be satisfied with the service received, a personal deal by a commercial network with Exclusivity, which must guarantee that we deliver what each client expects. And we do not have to stop to the present, but to investigate and contribute ideas of improvement to our way of doing. This quality policy is for everyone, of the people we are proud to be part of the great family that we are Juvé & Camps.

In Sant Sadurní d’Anoia, June 2015

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