La Siberia Cava Gran Reserva Brut Nature


Cava Gran Reserva
Brut Nature
12% Vol.


This unique cava originates in an exceptional parcel with a different microclimate than the rest of the Espiells vineyard. Beautiful pale pink cava with salmon colored nuances indicative of its long aging.The constant effervescence fills the glass with chains of tiny beads that form a lasting ring on the surface..

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100% Pinot Noir
Cava Gran Reserva La Siberia


La Siberia originates in the Espiells vineyard, specifically in an exceptional parcel flanked by forest and a stream, in the coldest reaches of the eponymous estate, which is what inspired the cava’s name. The area has a special microclimate, different from the rest of the vineyard, due to its location. During the winter, it is much colder, whereas in the summer the area enjoys a cool air current thanks to the stream, which keeps temperatures relatively mild.

Sr. Joan Juvé
President of Juvé & Camps

Tasting notes

In the mouth, La Siberia displays magnificent structure, framed by lovely effervescence that caresses and envelops the palate in pleasant sensations. Surprisingly creamy and fresh given its long ageing, which reveals the magnificence of this cava. Remarkably persistent, with echoes of dried apricot, cherry, nuts, fine puff pastry and an underlying minerality.

Òscar Roca
Sumiller at Juvé & Camps


"La Siberia accentuates all its nuances when we harmonize it with oysters, caviar, game birds, blue fish, shellfish and raw fish."

Serving temperature: 7-8º
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