Our vines are grown using ecological methods, which is guaranteed by the strict ecological viticulture certificate, awarded in 2015. Regarding our surroundings and the environment, our low-production wine growing practices and use of organic products yield us a top-quality, healthy, natural and balanced grapes.

We are aware of the importance of looking after our surroundings and that’s why we respect periods of up to seven years of letting the land lie fallow, allowing it to rest and recover. Only in this way can the land provide all of its riches to the new vines and grapes, without and chemical additives. We have also done away with the use of chemical herbicides and pesticides, replacing them with organic products and techniques that do not affect the ecosystem.

Every day we work in harmony with nature to ensure that our grapes are as pure and sustainable as possible. We are lucky enough to work in a unique environment and we make the most of this to offer our customers a product that expresses all of its peculiarities and values.

In September 2018, we’ll be launching our first 100% ecological vintage cava, “Reserva de la Família” from 2015; although we’ve already had ecological DO Penedès wines on the market for three years. A milestone in to which we have put a lot of effort and dedication, but one that has awarded us something incomparable in return: a reflection of our commitment and work.

Our cavas reflect the beauty of the landscapes that surround us and the natural finesse of traditional processes. Only through ecological farming can we capture the true essence of our land to get it into each glass. Through our vines, cavas and wines, we can share our surroundings with the world.