La Capella is a Brut Nature made from Xarel·lo grapes grown in a single vineyard lot—La Capella—and in a specific type of soil. Together they produce the kind of character-driven, nervy fruit that is needed to produce a cava with exceptional aging potential.

La Capella is a cava born from the Juvé family’s tireless pursuit of excellence. Limited to a production of 3,000 bottles, the cava ages on fine lees for 108 months. Structure, complexity and surprising freshness are what define this extraordinary cava. Remarkable mature notes meet white fruit, an exciting balsamic streak, and notes of fine puff pastry and dried fruit. The palate is delicate, elegant, and integrates the effervescence beautifully; finesse, maturity and harmony are among the attributes of this exceptional cava.

Juvé & Camps joins the world of Cavas de Paraje Calificado or single vineyard cavas with La Capella, made from grapes grown in the Espiells vineyard, specifically in the parcel that gives the cava its name.  It is an exceptional 7-hectare vineyard, planted with Xarel·lo vines that are more than 35 years old, of which only 0.7 hectares of free-standing bush vines are used to make La Capella.  The soils are what set this vineyard apart: derived from lutites and sandstone, they are moderately deep (40–80 cm), well drained, medium textured, with few coarse elements (5–15%).

Juvé & Camps has always pursued the qualities of prolonged aging and the production of prestigious cavas. The Cava de Paraje Calificado quality seal, which La Capella now carries, underscores the exclusive nature of cavas that are set apart by their traceability—from how the grapes are grown and their manual harvest to the meticulous winemaking process and subsequent aging.

“Cava de Paraje Calificado”
This is a new classification for cavas that come from a specific certified parcel in the Cava appellation of origin and display exceptional quality.  In order to qualify for this category, the cava must originate from soil and microclimatic conditions that constitute a distinct enclave.  The grapes are sourced according to specific quality criteria, which apply to both yields and vinification and endow these cavas with extraordinary characteristics.

The vineyards must be more than 10 years old and produce maximum yields of 8,000 kg per hectare, and grapes must be harvested by hand. The classification is limited to vintage cavas produced in the Brut or Brut Nature styles and requires a minimum of 36 months bottle aging.