Milesimé Cava Reserva Brut


Cava Reserva
12% Vol.
24 months sur lie on average


This Cava Reserva Brut is made only from the best harvests with free-run juice from chardonnay grapes grown in the Can Rius vineyard, within the estate of Espiells. Beautiful golden colour, superb foam and small, abundant bubble, it is distinguished in its expression, with lively notes of white fruit (peach, apple), honey, grapefruit, toasted bread and dairy that are typical of the variety. It is exuberant in the mouth, with clear freshness, considerable intensity and fabulous creaminess. It has a long, elegant finish.

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100% Chardonnay
Finca de Espiells

Can Rius

Tender loving care and close attention in choosing the best chardonnay grapes from the vineyards of Can Rius, within the estate of Espiells. The terrain of this rustic vineyard benefits the process, with poor soil and the least rain anywhere on the property. This is a plus and puts these grapes ahead of others in terms of ripeness. The first grapes are harvested sometime over the first two weeks of August.

Antoni Cantos Llopart
Oenologist, Juvé & Camps

Tasting notes

For me, this cava made exclusively with chardonnay grapes, from the Can Rius vineyards, is one of the most unique. This variety has adapted well to our terroir and fully expresses its magnificent characteristics.

The bubble is always small and well integrated, with a very pleasant, creamy mouth feel. Over the years, we’ve realised that its aromas tell us how the year went. Mature fruit, specifically peaches, and prominent dairy notes point to warm years with little rain. However when the weather has been cooler, this shows up in the fresh fruit, herbs and balsamic notes.

Roberto Ruiz & José Muñoz González
Chef & Sommelier
Restaurante Punto MX


First Mexican restaurant in Europe with a Michelin star. Leaded by chef Roberto Ruiz, it is inspired by the flavours of Mexican cuisine, incorporating Spanish raw material along with Mexican ingredients from his organic garden in Segovia.

Milesimé pairs with smoked salmon, oysters, foie, creamy cheese, mushroom risotto and French pastries.

Serving Temperature: 7-8 ºC
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