Gran Juvé & Camps Cava Gran Reserva Brut


Cava Gran Reserva
12% Vol.
42 months sur lie on average


This Gran Reserva cava, made from grapes from the estates of Espiells (Can Rius), Mediona and La Cuscona (Can Massana), is only made in the most exceptional years. Golden colour with hints of new gold. It is fresh on the nose, with hints of white flowers and stone fruit combining with the complex notes of a long-aged cava: toasted flavours, spices, honey… It is intense, seductive and pleasant on the palate, with a persistent, creamy mouth feel and a glorious finish that comes back to the fruit flavours.

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40% Xarel·lo
25% Chardonnay
25% Macabeo
10% Parellada
Finca de Espiells


Four white varieties come together to make this cava: chardonnay and xarel·lo from the vineyards of Can Rius at Espiells estate; macabeu from La Cuscona estate; and parellada, from Can Massana at Mediona. The perfect balance in the ripeness of the grapes in terms of complexity, structure and freshness. After ageing 42 months in racks, this Gran Reserva is full of gentle elegance.

Sr. Joan Juvé
Juvé & Camps President

Tasting notes

Since it was first made in 1972, Gran Juvé & Camps has always been an emblematic cava. It is made from grapes selected from our best vineyards in Espiells and Mediona, in the upper Penedès. These areas have one-of-a-kind soil conditions that give this Gran Reserva its unique character. In a glass of Gran Juvé & Camps you can taste the best expression of the fruit it comes from, accompanied by the complexity that comes from being aged for more than 42 months. Freshness, complexity and expression are the hallmarks of Gran Juvé & Camps cava.

Rafael Sandoval
Coque restaurant
2 Michelin stars


The Sandoval brothers head up Coque restaurant in Madrid. Mario is the chef, Diego is in charge of the front of house and Rafael is the sommelier. Great care and dedication are at the heart and soul of this project that always strives to do better.

"I pair Gran Juvé & Camps with Spiced poularde pepitoria with crunchy skin because this cava is highly unique and brings out the flavours in this dish. Because of its elasticity and dairy on the nose and, above all, the clear notes of nuts with the almonds and walnuts that are the base of this recipe".

Serving Temperature: 7-8 ºC
Spiced poularde pepitoria with crunchy skin – Gran Juvé pairs well with red meat, fish and baked goods. utiliza cookies para que tengas la mejor experiencia de navegación.
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