Juvé & Camps presents the first vintage of its acclaimed varietal Pinot Noir wine Blanc de Noirs to have organic certification. The 2015 vintage is a turning point for the winery, showing the result of years spent converting its vineyards to the world.

“In 2015, after three years’ hard work, we achieved organic certification for our whole vineyard. Since then, we have continued to work to extend the same philosophy to all areas of the winery,” says Meritxell Juvé, CEO of Juvé & Camps and a member of the fourth generation of the family.

Blanc de Noirs 2015 comes from vines grown 100% organically in a wonderful plot of clay soil on a gentle north-east-facing slope in the Torre Alta vineyard. This cava is made from hand-harvested red grapes. Colour transfer is prevented with a must extraction process that avoids contact with the skins. Juvé & Camps was one of the pioneering wineries in the planting and making of still and sparkling wines from the Pinot Noir variety in Penedès, and has grown the grape there since the early 1980s.

Toni Cantos, Juvé & Camps’ winemaker, says that “this is a wine that has exceeded our expectations. Our aim is to explore all the varieties in themselves, discover them one by one and develop their potential as far as possible. With Blanc de Noirs, we have achieved an exceptional end product following a type of wine-making we had never tried before”.

This cava is presented in an environmentally friendly canister, in line with Juvé & Camps’ commitment to all its production having the smallest possible negative impact on the company’s surroundings. Thanks to technological advances in the manufacturing process and the introduction of green design criteria, the materials for the canister ensure sustainability: steel and aluminium are metals that recover all their properties when melted down and can be reused an unlimited number of times, as they are 100% recyclable.

Blanc de Noirs 2015 is a Reserva cava with an outstandingly complex, elegant aroma, offering notes of white fruits and stone fruits. Golden in colour with a slightly reddish tinge, and admirably well-structured and fruity in the mouth, it is splendidly effervescent and creamy on the palate. Unctuous, fresh, intense and persistent, Blanc de Noirs 2015 is a fantastic choice for pairing with rice dishes, cured meats, cheeses, white meats and fish.