One month before the summer solstice, Juvé & Camps unveils Cosmic Pleasure, the Cruise Collection 2019 by Sergio Mora. These four limited-edition bottles, designed by prestigious Barcelona artist Sergio Mora, combine the sophistication and elegance of Reserva de la Familia with an exceedingly contemporary and original look.

Sergio Mora, also known as MAGICOMORA, has expressed his vision, and that of the winery, in an original, stylish collection brimming with creativity. He has interpreted Juvé & Camps’s flagship cava as a sparkling wine that should be enjoyed from the moment you pick up the bottle.

According to Mora, the collection, entitled Cosmic Pleasure, is a story about how “expressions of life, celebration in its purest state, continuously emerge from the heart of the universe, for no apparent reason. Joy-filled cava bubbles carry the celebration to every corner. Exuberant big-bang moments. Pick your bottle, open it, and get swept up in unique moments of celebration”.

The Cruise Collection 2019 by Sergio Mora will be available at specialised stores, restaurants and hotel terraces, a tangible expression of Juvé & Camps’s commitment to the arts and working with renowned artists.

Juvé & Camps’s Cruise Collections, now in their second edition, are a tribute to the famous fashion collections by big name luxury brands, which present personality-driven pieces that are a perfect fit for every season.