Zoltan Nagy, columnist and great lover of the wine and cava sector, has written his first book “Reinas de Copas”. In his first story he has made a biographical portrait of 50 great women of wine, where he has asked each of them to choose the wine that best represents them. The feminine seal in the wine in body and soul.

The book is a small sample of everything that women are doing in the sector, from the vineyard to the management of large wineries. A tribute to women who, with more or less experience, are positioned to give a long life to the sector.

Meritxell Juvé, who is part of the 50 queens of drinks, has selected our Gran Juvé & Camps as the cava that best represents her. An emblematic cava within the large reserves. Its elaboration is strictly limited to the most exceptional harvests.

“Reinas de Copas” was born thanks to Tolosa Wine Books, the publishing house specializing in wine and wine tourism books created by Luis Tolosa.