Wine Marc de Cava

42% Vol.
6 months in Limousin oak casks

Xarel·lo and parellada grapes are the base of this Marc de Cava. Carefully fermented with the skin, it is then distilled following the Charentais double-distillation method to get to the heart, the purest part of the spirit. It is aged for six months in Limousin oak casks for a fine elegance, with the power and richness of great spirits.

50% Xarel·lo
50% Parellada

Serving Temperature: 5 ºC

Marc de Cava, grown in xarel·lo and parellada vineyards, is a perfect digestif after a generous meal. A pleasure for the palate that can be paired with catànias (chocolate and caramel covered almonds), carquinyolis (almond biscuits) and a variety of chocolates. utiliza cookies para que tengas la mejor experiencia de navegación.
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