Wine Aurora d’Espiells Rosé


Young rosé
DO Penedès
11.5% Vol.

Its faint, elegant blush of light pink is reminiscent of the first moments of dawn, when the rays of light are just about to break over the horizon. Then, just for a few seconds, you can appreciate the characteristic tones of Aurora d’Espiells Rosé, which originates in the estates of Espiells and Mediona. Its subtle, complex, suggestive aroma evokes notes of red and black berries (redcurrants and raspberries) on a floral background. It is silky, opulent, highly fruity on the palate, with a bright acidity that makes it both intense and fresh. It has an attractive nose and is long and lasting on the palate, pleasingly reminiscent of fruit.

37,5% Pinot Noir
37,5% Xarel·lo
25% Syrah

Serving Temperature: 8-10 ºC

Aurora d’Espiells Rosé pairs well with rice and pasta dishes and white meat. utiliza cookies para que tengas la mejor experiencia de navegación.
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