It arrives on February 14 and the lovers invade the streets (and social networks). We like to enjoy such a romantic party and at the same time it is impossible for us to imagine this day without our Brut Rosé cava.

It will be for its aromas of cherry fruit of pinot noir, for its beautiful reddish color, its beautiful effervescence or its intense, fresh and exuberant ending with aromatic memories.

Brut Rosé is undoubtedly the best way to celebrate the day of love and to toast with that special person. Its Mediterranean character is born from the farm that sees it born, in Espiells, where climate is the key to expressing its most primary nature. An intense pink, almost scarlet, where the sensations of freshness and red fruits of the forest combine with the typical spices of its variety. An excellent harmony to enjoy with pasta, sausages, Japanese cuisine and pastries.