Essential Cava Reserva Brut


Cava Reserva
12% Vol.
24 month sur lie on average

Cava made from xarel·lo grapes from our Espiells estate and Can Rius. Pale yellow in colour with green and grey hues, its subtle aroma evokes the personality of the xarel·lo variety with notes of anise (fennel), white fruit (pear) and Mediterranean herbs (rosemary, thyme). Over time it develops a fine yeastiness, giving it complexity and elegance. A pleasing attack gives way to a creamy, fresh cava in the mouth that has the same taste of ripe fruit as on the nose. Its balanced acidity brings with it a long, vibrant finish.

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100% Xarel·lo
Finca de Espiells y viñedo de Can Rius


To get the best possible expression of the grape, here at Juvé & Camps we select our estates to best adapt to the corresponding local varieties. In this case, our xarel·lo vineyards on the Espiells estates, at Can Rius vineyards, reflect the essential characteristics of the grape. The versatility of this typology is essential for the coupages of our aged cavas in the cellar. Everything to achieve a gloss on own elaborations for the Essential, minimum stay of 15 months in rhyme.

Richard Sanz
Oenologist and manager, Menade

Tasting notes

Essential Reserva is the latest creation from Juvé & Camps, made with 100% xarel·lo. Aged for at least 15 months. An abundant string of small bubbles and flawless bright pale yellow colour pulls us into its bouquet, with fresh, clean lines. Very subtle notes of white fruit, grass and mountain flowers along with a very natural mineral touch.
Very soft, subtle on the palate with a mouth feel that increases as it passes. Slightly bitter, pleasant aftertaste with vibrant acidity. Fine and elegant but with marked personality. Xarel·lo in its purest essence.

Manuel Simões Cabanelas
La taverna del Clínic


La Taverna del Clínic is synonymous with the Simões family, led by Pepe and his two sons: Manuel, the sommelier and Antonio, the chef. Together they break the mould of traditional cuisine with produce-driven dishes.

"Uniting elegance and simplicity, we get one of my favourite sparkling wines, Juvé & Camps Essential. A long, deep wine with loads of personality, which we pair with spider-crab cannelloni wrapped in gelatine made with water from its head. Pure sea! A fitting partner for a cava that highlights the taste of the sea and the strength of the xarel·lo on our palate".

Serving Temperature: 6-8 ºC
Spider-crab cannelloni – Essential pairs well with rice and pasta dishes, fish and baked goods. utiliza cookies para que tengas la mejor experiencia de navegación.
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