Milesimé Rosé Cava Gran Reserva Brut


Cava Gran Reserva
12% Vol.


The cava has a beautiful pale pink hue with countless chains of minute bubbles forming a compact and persistent white ring on the surface.

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100% Pinot Noir
Finca de Espiells

Milesimé Rosé was born at La Torre de Can Rius, on the Espiells estate. This plot has a clayey-calcareous soil, deep and fresh, with remains of marine fossils. It is oriented to the south west and the terrain shows a certain slope.

Meritxell Juvé
CEO of Juvé & Camps

Tasting notes

The palate is both luscious and fresh. Delightful, intense effervescence coats the mouth in magnificent creaminess.The cava unfolds to display its full aromatic richness, enveloping the palate in wonderful sensations. A magnificent rosé cava where the varietal fruit aromas of Pinot Noir meet notes of extended aging.

Félix Bonilla
Sommelier at Juvé & Camps


"Milesimé Rosé harmonizes with rock fish, rice with seafood, cured cheeses, white meats, mushrooms and grilled vegetables."

Serving temperature: 7-8º
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